1. Pupville
  2. Chili Dawg
  3. Mad Max
  4. O'Banion's Wake
  5. Dawg Daze
  6. Lil' Samba
  7. Learned Pigs
  8. Gypsy Nights
  9. Hot Club Swing
  10. Sativa

DAWG '90
David Grisman
Dawg '90, Acoustic Disc's debut release, is a collection of all new Dawg tunes featuring the David Grisman Quintet and special guests Mark O'Connor on fiddle and John Carlini on guitar. Acoustic percussion and flute augment the familiar string sound of Grisman's instrumental tunes with music that will appeal to jazz, bluegrass, and latin music lovers alike. In 1990, Dawg 90 was nominated for a Grammy in the country instrumental category; it was Grisman's first Grammy nomination ever for his own music.

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