Hal Blaine can mug like Harpo, quip like Uncle Miltie, and play the drums like nobody's business. As a super session drummer his credits list like a "Whoís Who" of the music business! He recorded, "Strangers in the Night" with Frank Sinatra, "Suspicious Minds" with Elvis Presley and "Be my Baby," for Phil Spector. When you listen to the Beach Boys, "I Get Around," or Simon and Garfunkel's "Bridge over Troubled Water" or John Denver's "Annie's Song," youíre listening to Hal.

And movies? If you've ever seen Elvis' "Blue Hawaii," Disney's "Babes in Toyland" or Jerry Lewis' "Nutty Professor" then you might have even seen him too!

Born Harold Simon Bellsky to Jewish immigrant parents some 60 odd years ago, he cast his fate to the "skins" at an early age and established an unparalleled legacy. His awards alone could literally fill a room. (As of this writing...) 362 Gold records, 8 "Record of the Year" awards (and seven of them consecutively!) In fact, Hal has recorded over 35,000 tracks. He is a "Rock-and-Roll Hall of Fame" inductee and has countless other achievements noted in the record books.

His legendary status as the "keeper of the beat" spans nearly four decades. He has earned great respect among his fans and peers who have bestowed on him the title,"World's Greatest Drummer." Hal's musical presence has influenced not only legions of musicians, engineers, producers and record industry moguls, he has literally taught us all to "tap our feet," in time and with style.

Hal began mixing music and mirth at an early point in his career. By the early fifties he was part of the "Stan Moore Trio." They were a "funny hat" band combining schtick and song. He also had the opportunity to work with many of the "Masters of Comedy", including George Burns, Steve Allen, Don Rickles and the legendary Lenny Bruce. Hal studied their styles, learned their secrets and "borrowed" their material. Combine that background with his impeccable sense of timing and youíll discover what his many pals in the music "biz" have known for years... Hal is one of the funniest guys around!

Who kept Phil Spector laughing? Who kept Elvis loose enough to swivel those hips? Who could even make Paul Simon smile? It was Hal "Buh-Doom" Blaine, the "World's Greatest Drummer" that kept them laughing. Hal helped the sessions stay loose and tension free so the artists could do what they need to do. He also created all those infectious grooves that still populate the airwaves... between the laughs!

With his Acoustic Disc CD, (his first solo project in over 20 years) Hal is finally going "on record" combing his "punchlines and paradiddles." Give a listen and discover the laughter behind the notes. He's the rock steady pulse of 40 years of popular music and culture and a "musician's musician" and raconteur extraordinaire. And that my friends, is no joke...