Some call it cowboy music; some call it folk music; some call it the Best in Western music. Call it what you like---the bottom line is this: Riders In The Sky deliver pure and priceless entertainment. The moment America's Favorite Cowboys step up to the microphone the magic begins, allowing listeners to leave behind the frenzied pace of today's living and lose themselves in the romantic, comical and whimsical world of the singing cowboy.

Since 1977, Riders In The Sky have faithfully tended a musical tradition kindled by singing cowboy legends such as Gene Autry and the Sons Of The Pioneers. Throughout their collaborative career, Riders have branded the genre with their own mark, crafted from a well-balanced mix of both classic and original western songs, smooth harmony, hot licks and slapstick comedy. Over a quarter century, more than 4,500 shows, 290 national TV appearances, 203 public radio shows, nearly 700 Grand Ole' Opry appearances, 2.3 million miles on the road, three television series and 31 albums down the trail, a group that began with a commitment to carry on an American musical tradition has itself become a national treasure.

The Riders' enthralling act centers around the expert musicianship of Ranger Doug (Idol of American Youth), Woody Paul (King of the Cowboy Fiddlers), Too Slim (Insert Title of Your Choice Here) and Joey "The CowPolka King". They combine refreshing acoustical music and a wide musical repertoire with outrageous comedy, delivering entertainment guaranteed to delight listeners, regardless of age or musical preference. To add to the fun, the Riders are often visited by one or more of their many faithful (and bizarre) sidekicks.

Riders In The Sky bring their music to the world with more than 200 live performances a year. In addition, they've created and hosted Riders' Radio Theater, a radio program that's been broadcast by over 170 public and commercial stations since 1989. They've recorded more than 20 albums. They've also starred in their own Saturday morning TV series for CBS, hosted Tumbleweed Theater for four years on The Nashville Network, appeared multiple times on Austin City Limits, starred in their own television specials, and are performing members of the Grand Ole Opry.

In 1999, Riders brought the singing cowboy back to the big screen in a new way as they provided music for Disney/Pixar's "Toy Story 2" with their rendition of "Woody's Roundup." They then recorded a "companion album" for the movie: "Woody's Roundup featuring Riders In The Sky." The album, produced by Riders' performing member Joey The CowPolka King, landed Riders In The Sky a Grammy Award for Best Children's Album in 2001. The following year, Riders received Oscar accolades from onstage at the Academy Awards! Riders In The Sky had written and performed the music for "For The Birds," an animated short film from Pixar Animation Studios that opened worldwide for Disney's Monsters Inc. In 2003, Riders roped a second Grammy Award, this time for their album release Walt Disney Record's Monsters Inc. - Scream Factory Favorites, also produced by Joey. The legend continues with their current release on Acoustic Disc, Silver Jubilee, a 2-CD set that celebrates their 25th Anniversary of making great music the Cowboy Way.